The Book Trolley

It seems befitting that our inaugural post should include a brief explanation as to not just who we are but why we’ve named our blog ‘The Book Trolley’….

As mentioned in the ‘about us’ at the top of this page, this blog has been set up by the Norfolk School Library Service. We are a traded unit of Norfolk County Council offering services to schools across the county, with over 20 years worth of departmental experience. The services we provide are vast and varied and include working with schools to cataloguing the stock in their library, offering support with book buying,  providing INSET, and of course visiting with our custom SLS mobile library van! Our wonderful team includes qualified teachers, librarians and library staff, all of whom have years of experience working in schools with children using books.

But enough about us….! Back to the blog!

The trolley after which we are named resides in our office and is where new book arrivals are placed for the attention of the three Librarians who work within our team. There are various reasons why the books end up on the trolley; so keyword choices can be made before cataloguing, so the Librarians can see the books that may have caught their eye during book selection, or so we can examine a title to see where best it should be located within our book stacks! This is what the trolley holds at the moment:

The Book Trolley

(click the image for a closer look….!)

Usually the books are moved on from the trolley after three weeks to make room for the next bunch of titles that may arrive in our deliveries. As only two members of our staff catalogue our stock, it’s a great way for everyone to get a chance to see some brilliant new books before they head out to schools in project boxes or on our mobile library van.

So, aside from offering a little insight into our office, what do we hope to use this blog for? Well, we do have a twitter account but often find that 140 characters can be incredibly limiting when you have so much to say and share! From this point on, we hope to use the blog as a new location for book news and reviews as well as updates about our services and a forum for our Team to share their thoughts on the topics of reading and education. We’ll also be encouraging the schools we work with to contribute and hope to share reviews and feedback we may receive from them and their students!

What do you think of our new blog and the trolley after which it has been named? If you’d like to share something with us or you’d just like to get in touch then why not leave us a comment under this post! Please be sure to bookmark us and check back soon to read regular updates- we’re a bit of a work in progress, but we’re excited for what’s to come!


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