Fantastically Faithful Fakenham Teachers’ Fiction Group

One of the highlights of each term is meeting up with our KS2 Reading for Pleasure Group in Fakenham. For many years now a great group of teachers has been meeting to discuss a set of about six KS2 fiction books (often includes poetry or picture books) over chocolate biscuits and tea. Any member of staff who can get to Fakenham Public Library once a term and whose school is a customer of Norfolk SLS (just ONE token does the job!) can come along. We send the titles out at the beginning of term for the school to share and enjoy, then we exchange views, reviews and comments at the meeting.

Here is what we read last term – if you’ve also enjoyed them let us know!

watch out for sproutsBartram, Simon Watch Out For Sprouts!
Templar £6.99 includes a CD 9781840113884

A fabulous book of poems and pictures particularly appealing to boys. Very popular with our group. CD good too, with the author’s northern accent and background music adding to the homely feel.



midnight pirates Kennen, Ally Midnight Pirates
Scholastic £6.99 9781407129884

The parents are away and the children are in charge of the family hotel. This alone could be an adventure but add in the Cornish coast setting, boats, pirates and sinister guests and you have a full-blown thriller. This appealed to boys and girls.

fright forestSedgwick, Marcus Fright Forest series
Orion Books £6.99 9781444004854

We read the first of the series and comments from children included: “good for people who like superheroes”; “like the layout and pictures and changes in font” None too serious adventures of a pair of children who exchange a lot of banter but who ultimately look out for each other in the scary forest. The illustrations by Pete Williamson do indeed add to the atmosphere.


secret hen house theatrePeters, Helen The Secret Hen House Theatre
Nosy Crow £6.99 9780857630650

A good family story centred on a farm so great for our rural county. At least one boy in our group picked this up and enjoyed it, as well as the girls. A rather disfunctional family tries to keep possession of their farm in difficult times by putting on a play in one of the buildings.



my funny family on holiday

Higgins, Chris My Funny Family series

An attractive series about this family is emerging, and we read the one appropriate for the summer term. The heroine is an anxious soul, and this spoke to the younger girls in KS2. It is a fairly short read with plenty of illustrations by Lee Wildish.




tuesdayWiesner, David Tuesday
Andersen Press £5.99 9781849394475

Not new, but we think this is such fun, and why not include a wordless book for KS2? Some boys who hadn’t had it presented to them first, found this a real problem, interestingly. Others loved the fact it was wordless and browsed through it in groups many times. If you don’t know it already, get a copy and enjoy.

(all images featured used with permission of Peters Booksellers)


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