Friday Reads!

Those of you who have been following our twitter account may notice that at the end of every week we involve ourselves in the tweet movement called #fridayreads. Usually our recommendations are limited to no more than an image of the cover and a few words, but with the blog up & running, we now have room to expand and convey how and why we like these titles in more than 140 characters!

This week our team has picked two books:

1111Eleven Eleven, by Paul Dowswell, Bloomsbury, £6.99,  9781408826232

Looking ahead to the celebrations (is that the right word?) for the end of WWI next year, this novel is a great way for KS3 & 4 to begin to understand what life was like for the young men at the time. 3 soldiers, American, British and German are living through the last 24 hours of the war. We see the boundaries they were living by shift as the war becomes deeply personal for them. The narrator emphasises these shifts as the story develops through each character. Engrossing and moving.


and for younger readers, we’ve gone for…

gorillaDing Dong Gorilla!, by Michelle Robinson & Leonie Lord, Orchard Books, £6.99, 9781408312018

Imagine opening your front door and instead of the pizza delivery boy you’d been expecting, you find a huge gorilla who is determined to cause chaos around the house and make you look like the guilty party!  Wonderfully illustrated with easy-to-follow text, this book is sure to captivate and amuse all!


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