Friday Reads #2!

It’s been an incredibly hectic week for us here in the SLS office as we said goodbye to the summer break and hello to the start of autumn term- and the back-to-school project request rush that arrived with it!

Our Librarians have really enjoyed selecting books and putting together the project boxes ordered by our customers and are particularly looking forward to hearing what the recipients think when they arrive in school next week. If you’ve received one, why not let us know what your class thought?

However, amidst the start of term chaos, we’ve found time to select a friday read for you to consider…

mouse bird snake wolf

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond & Dave McKean, Walker Books, £9.99, 9781406322897

Another collaboration between author David Almond and illustrator Dave McKean, this book is a wonderful cross between a novella and a graphic novel. A little fable which intrigues and captivates, the illustrations are both beautiful and scary and make the book a definite must-read.

Read the book? Why not let us know what you thought of it!

You can read our previous friday read posts here.


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