Friday Reads #3!

The first full week of term for our county has come to an end, and what a busy one it has been! Whereas last week we were busy packing project boxes, this week we’ve been cracking on with cataloguing lots of new lovely books ready to take out to schools on our mobile library van. We also had the pleasure of being mentioned in Peters Booksellers newest edition of eGazette, so hello to anyone who has found our little blog via that! However, don’t worry! We haven’t lost track of things completely and we’ve got another friday read ready for you to take a look at ahead of the weekend….

pocketful of eyesA Pocketful of Eyes by Lili Wilkinson, Allen & Unwin, £6.99, 9781742376196

A delightful teen read with brilliant characters and a great story. Our heroine has loved detective stories from a young age- and when her summer job at the Natural History Museum is interrupted by the sudden death of her mentor, she smells something fishy. Determined not to be distracted by the geeky love-interest; her cape-wearing, dungeons and dragons-playing mother (and her new boyfriend) or the sinister Head of Conservators, Bee tries to get to the bottom of things.

Beautifully written with a sparky teen lead, a very sensitive handling of the issue of suicide and an absolutely wonderful relationship between Bee and her mother, this is a life-affirming book. You’ll read it in one sitting.

You can read the rest of our selections for friday reads here!

This post was written for us by Elena Judd of Norfolk Public Libraries, & can also be read on the Norfolk Libraries Book Reviews blog.


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