Friday Reads #4! Les livres translated into englisch, por favor?

There is particular interest at the moment in getting more readers familiar with books in translation (well, we know the grown ups are loving Scandi crime for instance, and my favourite book ever almost is Brodeck’s Report, by Philippe Claudel, trans. John Cullen).  BJ Epstein at UEA is currently running two reading in translation groups in public libraries in Norfolk and would like to set up more if there is enough interest – so while getting our children reading wider let’s extend our own reading horizons at the same time!

tullet titleSo,what are we offering our young people?  Cornelia Funke is fabulous and popular with older KS2 children, but my current favourite is Hervé Tullet, who is quite simply a genius (or is that un genie?) Here is his latest, very interactive picture book (with photos of the great man himself integral to the story!).  Silly and brilliant.

Help! We Need a Title! by Hervé Tullet, Walker Books, £12.99,  9781406351477.


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