Friday Reads #5!

As we bid a fond farewell to the hectic month of September, in our office we’re looking forward to the Autumn evenings drawing in so we can finally take some time to relax and read all of the new books we’ve been discovering in our deliveries of late. Lots of exciting books have been making their way into our office so for our friday read this week, we’ve picked one recently read by one of our Team Librarians, Mandy.

FloorsPatrick Carman’s wacky story “Floors” is set in a weirder than weird hotel (think Dahl!) with floors like theme parks, secret floors, hidden floors and adventures in lift shafts, as well as ducks living on the roof. This will be great for your boys!

Floors by Patrick Carman, Chicken House Books, £6.99, 9781906427900.  

Interested in what else we’ve picked for the weekly friday read feature? click here! 

If you’ve read anything exciting recently, why not let us know by leaving us a comment with your book tips for this autumn.


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