Friday Read(s) #6!

Due to our indecisiveness and subsequent inability to choose which book we like the most this week, we’ve picked two titles for our friday read, both of which are onomateopically themed…

bangFirst, a picture book by Leo Timmers called Bang – and really, the only word in the whole book is – Bang! The blurb says simply ‘A big, happy accident’ which indeed it is; as vehicles pile up one behind the other, the reader can have fun predicting what each consequence will be, ending with a big pull out as the final zany result is displayed in vivid colour.

(Bang by Leo Timmers, Gecko Press, £11.99, 9781877579189)


slamSee also… Slam! by Adam Stower which is similarly an almost wordless story about consequences, with loads of hilarious detail to pore over.

(Slam! by Adam Stower, Templar Publishing, £5.99, 9781840111965)


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