Friday Read #7: our very own prize winning author- hooray for Information Books!

science crazyWe are extremely proud of Steve Parker, talented author and expert on science and nature, who has been working with us in several Norfolk schools this week, and who HAS JUST WON the School Library Association Information Book Award Children’s Choice, age 7-12 category, for Science Crazy, written with Raman Prinja.  This is a great Award, giving long overdue recognition to the wonderful array of information books that are still being produced, with the aim of engaging and enthusing our young people who have such a variety of other distractions and attractions on offer.  I’d be a scientist if this book had been around when I was young, but it’s never too late to start, so maybe we will have to buy a copy specially to keep in our department… 

Steve works with children in high and primary schools, and we have had a fantastic couple of days in Thetford Academy and Brundall Primary School, with children inspired by Steve to produce some good writing and ideas of their own.

And Food for Thought:

Jonathan Emmett Jonathan Emmett, who writes appealing and fun picture books such as Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit, raises really pertinent and interesting thoughts about the lack of involvement of males in judging awards.  He mentions the Kate Greenaway Award which is judged by librarians (majority female); but even the SLA Information Book Award mentioned above has given the Children’s Choice 12-16 Award to 100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic by Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindhaugh – I’ll bet the majority of the children voting were female?

(Science Crazy by Steve Parker, QED Pub, £9.99., 9781848359338

Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit, Egmont Books, £6.99, 9781405252232)


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