Friday Reads #8: Boxes, Boxes, Awesome Robots!

Book Boxes

As you can see from the photo above, stacks of boxes are beginning to take over our office! No, we haven’t decided to build ourselves a fort- they are of course full of wonderful new books! So, even though we’re a little bit compromised for space at the moment, we don’t really mind because at least we have lots of lovely things to look at as we shuffle past on our way to make a cup of tea!

As usually happens when we’re overwhelmed with delivery, the boxes have been full of some excellent new books and we were particularly taken by Viviane Schwarz’s Welcome to your Awesome Robot.

 awesome robotPart picture book, part interactive build it yourself manual, Viviane’s graphic novel-style illustrations take you through one child’s task of turning an empty cardboard box into a robot-tastic piece of engineering while providing the reader with all the information they require to make their own version at home. Totally fun and a brilliant multi-faceted read guaranteed to provide inspiration for a crafty afternoon this autumn.

Rest assured, once those boxes are all unpacked then we’ll be having a team-building robot craft session… Maybe.

 (Welcome to your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz, Flying Eye Books, £8.99, 9781909263000)


2 thoughts on “Friday Reads #8: Boxes, Boxes, Awesome Robots!

  1. Gosh, I don’t envy you having to unpack all of those boxes! The robot book looks brilliant though; like it could provide some great indoor activities for the upcoming bad weather. Thanks for bringing it to our attention :o)

  2. Well, mixed blessing – they all contain brand new books, so it’s exciting really – like Christmas! But it must be said we don’t normally have so many all at once; we’ve had staff shortages so there’s been a bit of a back up. A week later and they’re pretty much done (still haven’t got round to making that robot though! Send us a pic of yours!).

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