Rocketing Toward The Weekend with Friday Read #11!

Well, it’s friday again and we’re pleased to report that we’ve had another jam-packed super-busy week full of excitement, a highlight of which was seeing (& meeting!) the wonderful Michael Rosen at the NCBC Reading for Pleasure conference which took place in Norwich on Tuesday. Closing the day’s activities, Michael spoke prolifically on how we should all become reading for pleasure activists, suggesting that we should help children get to grips with reading, reintroduce them to their local library and do our very best to help them understand that books and reading can make for an enjoyable pastime. These sentiments seem to go hand-in-hand with the wise words of Neil Gaiman, whose Reading Agency lecture we blogged about earlier this week!r4p stallAbove you can see our stand at the conference and below, a picture of Michael pleasing the crowd with some firm favourites during his poetry reading session.michael rosen

This week we’ve also accompanied our friend Steve Parker on two more author visits and from what we’ve heard, fun was had at both of the schools who hosted him for the day! We’ll be advertising more author visits in the new year, so if this is something in which you and your school are particularly interested, be sure to keep a look out for any further developments- we’ll blog/facebook/tweet as soon as we know more!

look inside spaceIt wouldn’t be the end of the week without our usual office book selection and for this week’s friday read, we’ve decided to break our usual habits go for a non-fiction title…

Look Inside Space by Rob Lloyd Jones is one of a tremendous series of sturdy information books bursting with flaps and sometimes flaps under flaps!  It was announced at the beginning of the week that the book had won the 2013 the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, for which it had been shortlisted alongside 5 other lovely science non-fiction books.  A panel of young people from primary and high schools helped with the judging and there is a video on the RS website which is worth a look and can be found here. We’re big fans of these Usborne flap books and have all the titles, as well as other books by Mr Lloyd Jones including Wild Boy, a novel we loved! Look Inside Space- Definitely worth a read and recommended for all potential space explorers.

(Look Inside Space by Rob Lloyd Jones, Usborne, £9.99, 9781409523383)


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