Fortunately, great children’s books keep piling in…

gaiman coverWhile also enjoying some longer novels and being preoccupied with the KLQ festivities, we’ve also managed a quick romp through Neil Gaiman’s ‘Fortunately, the Milk…’ this week and accordingly, we’ve selected it as our 12th Friday Read. 

Dad, who looks suspiciously like Mr Gaiman himself in Chris Riddell’s exuberant illustrations, goes out to get milk for the family breakfast.  On his eventual return he tells a string of the tallest tales imaginable – though again Chris Riddell is completely up to illustrating them – as his excuse, thereby neatly reversing the usual plotline of a child making up excuses for some misdemeanour.  A small, neat package with a great cover and one surprise colour spread in the middle, this can’t fail to attract and entertain a lower KS2 audience.

We recently wrote about Mr Gaiman’s Reading Agency lecture and if you’re interested to hear what he said and what we thought, you can read our post here.

(Fortunately, the Milk…’ by Neil Gaiman, Bloomsbury Childrens, £10.99 hardback, 9781408841761)


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