Three weeks before Christmas, SLS gave to me…

19 days to go- are you all getting excited? Christmas hysteria hasn’t quite overwhelmed our office just yet, but we are enjoying lots of mince pies while we work our way through the various end of year book lists that are popping up all over the internet. While we’re on this subject, Peters this week published the shortlist for their Book of the Year title and are asking for your help in deciding which two books win the award. Schools and Libraries are encouraged to get involved and there’s even a dedicated resources page for you to conduct your own in-house voting! You can read more about it here and we suggest you take some time deciding which books you choose- trust us, it’s harder than it looks (all of them are SO GOOD!!)

Anyway, let’s get on with revealing our second pick for our advent book wreath and it’s one of the best books for early years we came across this year: ABC & Do by Lee Singh and Karen Wall!

Book Advent 2From the neat lenticular cover and punning title (yes it is – think about it!) to the last flap, this is a pop-up alphabet of simple brilliance.  It has large, bright pictures appealing enough for the youngest child, but with a wit which will charm the grown-ups and keep them interested too (just as important, after all!)  A great present for families and a special treat for the school library.

The first of our advent selections can be seen here.

(ABC & Do by Lee Singh & Karen Wall, Egmont, £12.99 hardback, 9781405265324)


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