Latest thoughts from Fakenham Reading for Pleasure KS2 group

Fakenham Book Group

Pinfold, Levi: Black Dog

Rix, Megan: The Victory Dogs

Almond, David: The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas

Shelton, Dave: A Boy and a Bear in a Boat

The four titles above were the most popular of the selection enjoyed by our Fakenham Reading For Pleasure Group this term.  Staff met over some delicious seasonal refreshments (kindly donated by one of our most regular members, Sue Flood who volunteers at local schools), and we had a chat about what both pupils and adults had read and enjoyed.  Comments included:

‘A boy in Year 4 was absolutely hooked [on A Boy and a Bear] and in the end he said “it’s about friendship isn’t it”

Every body loved Black Dog, both exquisite detailed illustrations and the different emotions: fear, depression, courage, love and affection, portrayed in the story and pictures

Both boys and girls in Years 5 & 6 enjoyed the David Almond and found it really interesting and different.

The children loved Victory Dogs, and it included ‘a good bit of history’

To read our previous recap of the Fakenham group, click here! The group meets once a term and we’ll have further updates in the New Year.


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