Friday the 13th and 12 days to go…

As the end of term gets closer and closer (this time next week Norfolk schools will be heading off on their festive break!), we’re getting ready for the New Year and are excited to see what 2014 will bring. Our mobile driver Tony has been on some of his last school visits this week and has been enjoying the Christmas cheer he’s encountered along the way- he’s seen lots of excellent festive displays and has been hearing all about the christmas plays in which many children have been taking part!

Talking of our mobile van, the latest issue of our Bookbites newsletter is out and can be viewed online here. If you have a spare ten minutes, why not have a look?- it’s a marvellous mobile special and gives an impressive insight into what Tony’s been up to this year with some statistics we’re very proud of. For example, did you know that in 2013 over 10,500 children visited our van?!

With just twelve days to go, we thought we’d compliment today’s eerie date (friday 13th!) by adding to our advent book wreath a teen novel that is as mysterious as it is compelling: All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry.

Book Advent 3

A copy of this Carnegie long-listed title has been rapidly making its way around our office and with good reason- it’s incredible! Set in Colonial North America, ‘All the Truth That’s in Me’ tells the story of a girl called Judith who struggles to fit back into her close Puritan community when she returns two years after disappearing abruptly. Add to this the pain of unrequited love, the death of her best friend and her own inability to speak, Judith must learn to overcome her own physical and emotional trauma and discover her voice once again to become an empowered young woman who stands up against those who do little but shun her.

An incredibly powerful book, Judith’s story is one that is full of constant mystery and we take with her an emotional journey in which we gradually begin to learn the truth about what she’s been through. The lyrical narrative voice is unlike anything we’ve come across this year (though it reminded us a little of Sarah Crossan’s poetic ‘The Weight of Water’) and gives the book a wonderfully unique charm that we were utterly captivated by. 

(All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry, Templar Publishing, £10.99 hardback, 9781848779143)


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