Four books and five days left!

With just 120 hours to go until “the big day” we’re struggling to contain our Christmas excitement, though we do have a literal mountain of returned projects to deal with and that’s definitely occupying the time we could be spending dreaming of the upcoming festive holiday!

Today sees the completion of our advent book wreath and our final selection has a destinctly local connection as the author and illustrator studied at Norwich’s very own University College of the Arts. So, without further ado, the last book to be added to our wreath is… The Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower!

Final Advent Week

In this department we know a few young Olivers who  would delight in this hilarious tale – even though the confident, almost cocky, lively Oliver of the story almost gets his comeuppence…It moves fast, has moments of warmth as well as excitement – plus a recipe for cake: what more could any young Oliver, Olivia, or grown-up ask for?

(The Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower, Templar Publishing, £10.99 hardback, 9781848773523)


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