Friday Read: a Promise for the New Year

It’s been a busy week for us here at SLS- not only have we just finished a massive run of project loans (thank you to all schools who ordered boxes- they’ll be arriving soon!), but we also managed to collectively come up with our best of 2013 book list which you can read here if you haven’t already. It was not an easy task but whilst putting it together we were pleased to discover that we had all selected something different proving not just how varied our tastes are but how many books we really do see over the course of a year….but back to 2014!

Over the festive period we swapped our traditional friday blog posts for our advent book wreath  but this week we’re back into the usual swing of things and have selected The Promise by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin as our first friday read of 2014.

the Promise

This is a most lovely book with which to inspire everyone and give us all a warm feeling coming into the new year.  Even the grey static city illustrated at the beginning has its own stark beauty, but by the end the pages are glowing with colour and movement.  A young pickpocket has stolen a bag containing acorns, the owner only relinquishing it on receiving a promise “to plant them”.   Both the thief and the city become happier as a result, and it becomes the thief’s mission to plant acorns in other cities too.

Both Nicola and Laura have excellent blogs worth taking a look at and you can find them both here and here respectively. There’s also a brilliant website for the book here– thank you to Nicola herself for bringing this to our attention on twitter!

(The Promise by Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Laura Carlin, Walker Books, £12.99, 9781406337280)

Interested to see what we picked for our friday reads last year? Take a look here!


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