What’s happening in our Schools…

As we’ve said on many occasions before, we’re always interested on hearing what is happening in the schools we work with and would love love LOVE to share any bookish activities students are getting up to. Well, just as we were thinking that everything had gone a bit quiet, we received word that Corpusty Primary have just set up a new reading group, the first meeting of which took place recently! They sent us this brilliant picture of their inaugural meeting-

Corpusty Primary Jan 14

(Image provided by Corpusty Primary School)

Their Head writes: “We’re running a book group, just like a grown-up one where we all read the same book and then meet to discuss it. We had so many children wanting to join that we’ve got about 4 books being read simultaneously. Thank you to the School Library Service for supplying books.”

How great is that?!

If you’re a school and you’d like to let us know what you’ve been doing then please send us an email to: school.library.service@norfolk.gov.uk or get in touch via the comments section below!


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