Friday read: cats, cats, cats…& matchboxes!

We may only be 24 days into 2014, but we’ve been preoccupied with an abundance of exciting  tasks- author visits, projects, and of course lots of lovely new books! If you’re interested in reading what else we’ve been up to, why not take a look at all three of our recently published newsletters? The January issue of Highlights went live last week, as did our spring edition of SEN Rights, both of which can be read online here and here respectively. You can also find our New Year edition of Bookbites here. I know we might be a little biased but if you want to hear the latest SLS news and info, it’s a good place to start! We also recently updated the list of which INSET training we’re offering this term, so if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve got coming up, I suggest you take a look here!

Last week we rather unintentionally missed our Friday read, so this week we’ve decided to post two brilliant suggestions as an apology.

captain catThe first is Captain Cat by Inga Moore. a lovely story full of gorgeous illustrations of cats, cats and MORE cats. 

A kind of fable with a sympathetic elderly sailor hero and a feisty young heroine who knows her mind its message is about greed, and understanding that the important things in life are not necessarily the most costly in money terms.

One of our team was also captivated by Paul Fleischman’s The Matchbox Diary, with illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline. She writes-

This beautifully illustrated picture book is a treasure box within a treasure box! A small child is visiting her Great Grandfather for the first time and explores his collection of Matchboxes filled with mementos of his life, first in Italy as a small boy, his family’s immigration to America and then growing up to become a printer and collector. The story is gentle and life affirming and illustrations shift between clever use of sepia tints when they are looking back, to full colour for the present day, both with clever attention to detail and great draughtsmanship.Matchbox diary

This book would work well to encourage creative writing, for classes learning about their family history, thinking about asylum seekers, or for adult reminiscence workshops. For me, it’s just beautiful!

 (Captain Cat by Inga Moore, Walker Books, £12.99 hardback, 9781406337303)

 (The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleischman, Walker Books, £11.99 hardback, 9781406343779)


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