It may seem wet here, but it’s nothing to how wet it gets in Mawsynram!

numberlandMawsynram in India is the wettest place on earth, as it typically gets 1.2 metres of rain a year.  And how do we know that?  Well, it’s just one of the 2000 FACTS in a wonderful new book called Numberland, which is full of similarly mind-boggling numerical facts about our world.

For instance, did you realise that you will die in 20 minutes if you eat the poisonous part of a puffer fish?  And that the Circus Maximus in Rome holds 150,000 spectators?  And …well we could go on, but you had better find out for yourselves! It’s our friday read this week and we hope you find it as interesting as we do- you’ll definitely find yourself armed with interesting facts to tell your nearest and dearest this weekend!


(Numberland by Steven Martin, Clive Gifford, and Marianne Taylor, Buster Books, £12.99, 9781780551814)


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