The perils of losing crocodiles!

Every so often we let our wonderful  Librarians loose on the county and this week, Mandy visited an infants school to deliver a storytelling session. it was a resounding success and we’ll let her explain why…

‘I had a very busy day at Swaffham Infants this week.  It started in the Reading Café where I was quickly covered in flour and water paste as we made papermache eggs out of balloons….!

carefullyI then moved on to reading stories in all the classes and a very remarkable thing happened. The first book I had chosen to read (Open Very Carefully by Nick Bromley and Nicola O’Byrne 9780857630476) set a very worrying trend. At the end of the story, the crocodile – who didn’t belong in the story anyway- escaped by munching his way out through the back cover!

unfortunatelyThe next book was Unfortunately by Alan Durant and Simon Rickerty (9781408309896) and the children were alarmed to discover that the escaped crocodile had managed to find his way in to this story too! He was clearly the one peeping while the others were sleeping!

hippospotMy final story was Hippospotamus by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross (9781849394031) Imagine the children’s distress…(or was it amusement?) to discover that naughty Croc was in this story too, pretending to be a Doctor!


I’d love to say that it was planned, it was in fact just happy coincidence, but it gave a good opportunity to think about what might happen when characters are allowed to escape form stories! Just watch out for a naughty crocodile loose in Swaffham.

Thanks to Swaffham Infants for a great story filled day!’


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