Ahoy there! Pirate treasure!

It might be half term but it doesn’t mean that we’re not keeping busy- our friday read pick this week proves that. Another treat from the always brilliant Nosy Crow, Corina Fletcher’s Playbook Pirates has been keeping us occupied and we just HAD to share it with you!

playbook piratesWe all agreed that we would have loved this as a child; not necessarily because it is about pirates- though that helps- but because a miniature world has been created in the form of a 3D treasure map with numerous little parts to play with (and lose, no doubt!).

Firstly it can be read as a pop-up book, then it ingeniously opens out into the map- after that, there is no choice but to get down on the floor and PLAY!..which is what we did in the department, of course! A wonderful multi-faceted reading experience perfect for your little ones (and the older ones too!)

(Playbook Pirates by Corina Fletcher, Nosy Crow, £14.99, 9780857631817)


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