What We’re Reading Wednesday!

If you have visited our blog before then you will know that at the end of each week we post a Friday read- usually with a review of exactly why we think the book (or books!) should be brought to your attention. All of these can be found here and I would 100% recommend having a read back through the entries to see what we’ve picked over the last 8(!) months- they are all excellent!

However, we have some news- our friday reads feature is going on holiday for a bit. Just for a little while. Who knows,  it might reappear when you least expect it, when a book is so especially great that we just NEED to tell you about it. All is not lost though! We’re introducing something new- what we’re reading Wednesday!

We like to think that between us our office has a firm finger on the pulse of new books in children’s and young adult publishing and as a result, it was decided that each Wednesday we would write about what we’re all reading, because some members of our team get through books SO quickly that we wanted to share their accomplishments with you. And so, we present to you…

What we’re reading Wednesday, week one!

AprylHi So Much (Darcy Burdock book 2) by Laura Dockrill; Laura is my absolute favourite british writer at the moment- her work is just so wonderful/inspirational/ full of total joy. The first in the Darcy Burdock series was one of my favourite books from last year and it’s looking like I’m going to love the second book EVEN MORE.  I’m also reading Oliver & the Seawigs by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyreI spent some time last week looking at the upcoming Summer Reading Challenge and I’m so excited that Sarah McIntyre is in charge of the illustrations this year. Everything looks so fantastic- I wish I could take part!

Caroline: I am currently reading The Childs Elephant by Rachel Campbell-Johnston which is on the shortlist for the Carnegie Medal this year. I also spent some time a few lunchtimes ago looking at two of this year’s Greenaway nominations- This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen and Lemony Snickett’s The Dark, also featuring Jon’s illustrations.

Gail: I have been concentrating on Whale Boy by Nicola Davies for my Methwold Reading Group. It has lots of moral dilemmas and issues of whale protection and we’re even going to enact the carnival scene by making quick costumes out of newspaper! I’m also about to start Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead (Carnegie shortlisted!)

Harriet: I’ve just finished Sam Angus’ Soldier Dog, set in the First World War- terribly sad and harrowing, but ultimately with a Happy Ending, thank goodness…A bit like Morpurgo, about a teenager’s love for an animal, complicated by family tensions at home, and how they fare in the battlefields of France

KirstenAll The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry – recommended by my colleague Apryl and on the Carnegie shortlist. Even the first few pages convey a deep felt secret love so poetically – I am captivated.

What’re you all reading this week? Why not let us know in the comments!


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