Our KS2 Reading For Pleasure Group- Spring term titles!

Our Fakenham Reading For Pleasure group met recently to discuss the six titles below which they had been given for the spring term. The group was led by one of our SLS Librarians, Harriet, and she shares thoughts and reactions from the session- they’re a mixed bunch! Have you read any of the titles? Why not let us know by leaving a comment or two!


The naming of Tishkin Silk by Glenda Millard

The plot was rather thin and the cover was unattractive, but the story was lovely, and the children, both boys and girls, really enjoyed it.  The story is one to provoke discussion and would read aloud well. Good for thoughtful able readers. The sequel is “Layla, Queen of hearts”.

Looking for Bear by Holly Webb

For most teachers the combination of cover and title means the book has “missed the mark”.  It was a neutral story, rather ambiguous, but it did appeal to some boys.

The Phantom Tolbooth by Norton Juster

Possibly a “Marmite” book, it was either loved or hated by those who read it. One teacher hated it, one child really loved it. The clever plot is best for able readers, with descriptive passages that really encourage able readers to think.

Hugh Lupton’s retellings of Greek Myths.

Hugh is a Norfolk storyteller and these re-tellings read aloud well.  Children liked the striking illustrations.

Lucy Coats’ retellings of Greek Myths

We compared the Lupton versions with these, which were originally published in a single volume.  The children enjoyed these too, and  appreciated that they are intended for a younger audience, with copious coloured illustrations by Anthony Lewis.

The Great Galloon by Tom Banks

The themes of pirates and humour with a hint of Steampunk make this a recipe for fun. Indeed it was enjoyed by many readers. Throughout the book were “goodnight points”, ideal to break the book up for reading aloud. Suited lower KS2 able readers as well as those in upper KS2.

Because a Fire Was in my Head, edited by Michael Morpurgo

A teacher told us that one of her usual ‘non-readers’ (a boy) picked this up and loved it.  ‘Nuff said.

Into that Forest by Louis Nowra

Strikingly vivid narrative voice, lifelike characters and quality writing make for an absorbing read.  Story about 2 girls who become lost in a forest in Tasmania, and adopted by a pair of wild Tasmanian Tigers. Excellent!


Recaps of our previous meetings can be found here.  


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