Allow Me To Introduce My Shelf…

Excuse the titular punning, but it seems rather appropriate given the subject of this entry- BOOKSHELVES.

Are you familiar with the concept of shelfies? Inspired by the introspective self-photograph taking craze of ‘selfies’, book shelfies have become a popular way of sharing with the internet which books you’ve got stashed on your shelves at home. If you’ve got a spare minute or two (or hours- it’s a bit like falling down a rabbit hole!), why not search the hashtag #shelfie on twitter or instagram or any social media platform and see what you can come across. It’s a great way of sharing your literary loves and showcasing the different methods we pick to display our beloved books.

As you can see from the image header at the top of our blog, we were very forward thinking when it came to utilizing the photographic power of our own office book stacks. However, not one to miss out on a rapidly growing phenomenon, we in the SLS office have decided to show the bookshelves belonging to our team!

First up is Apryl:

When I moved house a few years ago and had to purchase new furniture, I decided colour block my book shelf , a task I took on without realising just HOW time-consuming it would be- it took hours. None of the books are in alphabetical order (something my boyfriend absolutely hates) and as you can see I am rapidly running out of space for anything new (hence the books laying flat at the front!) BUT I absolutely love how it looks and it never fails to make me smile- plus visitors to my flat are always quite impressed by my efforts which is definitely a nice feeling! The only downside is the bottom shelf: half yellow and books which are too big to fit on the other shelves- but I just tell myself it’s a work in progress!

AM Shelf

Got a book shelf you’d like to show us? Why not leave us a picture or link in the comments, or even send it to us via twitter: @NorfolkSLS!



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