A pre-half term newsletter and what we’re reading this Wednesday

With only a few days until Norfolk Schools take their half-term break, we’re looking toward the rest of the Summer with the publication of our SEN Rights newsletter aimed at SENCOs and Specialist Schools but obviously to be enjoyed by all! You can read the latest edition (Summer 2014) here and our archive of past issues can also be found here. All three of our newsletters are posted online and we encourage you to have a read at the current editions as well as those from previous months- they’re never short of useful info.

What else has been going on? Well of course, Author visits- not a week seems to pass at the moment when we haven’t got a visit happening somewhere in the county, which we think is absolutely brilliant; having an author in school can be such a transformative experience for pupils. Yesterday one of our SLS Librarians was at a school in a village north of Norwich accompanying Sheridan Winn , writer of the magical Sprite Sisters series. Here’s a picture of her in action:


We’ve lots more visits in the pipeline, including some trips to Norfolk by our very own Author-in-Residence, Dee Shulman, who we’re very excited to be seeing.

Anyway, back to more pressing issues- what books are we reading this week? Here are the team’s books for this week’s what we’re reading Wednesday!

Apryl: I’ve literally this lunchtime finished Katherine Rundell’s award-winning Rooftoppers and despite my initial reluctance to even pick it up, I LOVED it. A wonderfully story which paints a fantastical vision of Paris, I particularly liked the endearing relationship between Sophie and her eccentric guardian, Charles and her befriending of the French rooftop children . Taking a brief break from the Carnegie list, I’m just about to start Cammie McGovern’s YA novel Amy & Matthew which I’m looking forward to after hearing interesting things!

Caroline: I’m still in awards-mode too; having just finished and loved All The Truth That’s In Me, I’m just about to begin the Michael Morpurgo book Where My Wellies Take Me… which is on this year’s Greenaway shortlist.

Harriet: The current commemorations of World War One have reminded me of one of my favourite childhood books, and I am delighted to see it championed by none other than Julia Donaldson: it is A Vicarage Family by Noel Streatfeild.  It is a memoir of her own Edwardian childhood, but written in the third person.  Vicky the heroine – Noel herself of course – is a feisty rather difficult girl, and the story and characters seem not far removed from Streatfeild’s later fiction.  Until the end, when the only too real and tragic reality of the First World War kills Vicky’s young and beloved cousin. She doesn’t shrink from the awfulness of the situation, and devastating as it was to know this all really happened I have always loved this book along with the fiction which followed. Perhaps it prepared me a little for Vera Brittain’s equally devastating Testament of Youth. It is suitable for Year 6/7readers – but have the tissues handy

Mandy: I’ve been reading Who Killed Klaris Cliff by Nicki Sheehan. It was a strange story threaded through with the sadness of a missing mum. The idea that having an Imaginary friend could lead to having your imagination ‘removed’ is pretty scary, an intriguing idea. It all comes out right in the end though!


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