Planning for Success

Here at the School Library Service, we’re not just about books (though we are quite literally surrounded by them in our office!)- we also promote and offer training to support school and library staff throughout the year, some details of which you can see here. This week we’ve had two courses taking place and one of our SLS Librarians, Mandy, offers this little recap of one:

High School Librarians were challenged to pat their heads and rub their tummies by trainer Jerry Hurst at his challenging “Planning for Success” inset on Tuesday. Understanding the processes which mean that planning for the school library is securely linked to the School Improvement Plan is so important. Jerry helped us to understand that we must plan so that indicators of progress or improvement can easily be harvested as evidence, and that making yourself indispensible will place your library at the heart of the school. Thanks Jerry for a very useful, stimulating and interesting day.

Jerry Hurst

 (Some of the work Jerry got the delegates to take part in).

Jerry can be found on twitter: @jerryhurst and on the web here.


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