Bookstart Week and our Wednesday Reads

superduckThis week it’s National Bookstart Week and this year’s theme is ‘My Hero’. The campaign – taking place from 9th-15th June -celebrates books and reading and encourages families to read every day as a fun shared experience. The official website (linked above) has extra information and some resources, including activities you can do at home.

Bookstart are also giving away special copies of Jez Alborough’s Super Duck at libraries across the country and there are lots of hero-themed events taking place too! To see what’s taking place in your area, why not take a look here and if (like us!) you’re in Norfolk, you can see a list of events taking place in our libraries here.

DSCF2991Pictured is our Norfolk Book Scheme co-ordinator, Beth Southard, at a story time event at a library last week: as you can see, all the children seem quite pleased with their free copies of Super Duck!



How exciting! Now, onto other mid-week excitements: What we’re reading Wednesday!

Apryl: Inexplicably, I have three books on the go at the moment- a situation I don’t ordinarily let myself get into! I’m currently enjoying two new YA novels: Amy & Matthew by Cammie McGovern, and Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira; I’m particularly enamoured by the latter in which a girl attempts to get over the death of her older sister by writing letters to famous people who are no longer with us- Amelia Earhart, Kurt Cobain, and Judy Garland, to name a few! It’s a very interesting and unusual concept and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve also just decided to re-read a few modern classics by the brilliant Judy Blume, the first of which I’ve picked is Tiger Eyes. I loved Judy’s books when I was growing up and I was inspired to revisit her work after hearing about her recent visit to the UK to attend the Hay Festival.

Caroline: Still pushing on with the Carnegie titles at the moment: I’m reading Katherine Rundell’s Rooftoppers which, like everyone else it seems, I’m enjoying very much!

Gail: At the moment I am reading All the Truth That’s in Me by Juleie Berry (another Carnegie!). Was initially put off by horrific fact that ‘narrator’ has had her tongue cut out but it’s proving to be a beautiful, personal and engaging tale.

Harriet: Much as some of us in this department might wish it, this couldn’t be a completely World Cup free zone, as of course football books are among the most popular with our young audience.  Kicking a Ball is one of Ahlberg’s well-known poems from his Heard It in the Playground collection, but slightly simplified and given lovely illustrations by Sebastian Braun, to make it a very appealing title for younger fans – and that’s not just football fans, but devoted followers of poetry and Ahlberg too!

Mandy: I have really enjoyed The Elephant’s Child by Rachel Campbell-Johnson. Her characters are very likeable, especially Bat, the main boy character, and believable except for the ones we’re not meant to like! The book moves between Ugandan village and the horror of war and back with the elephant’s presence weaving in and out of the story, a great story, well told!

Interested in what else we’ve been reading recently? You can read our archive of Wednesday picks here.


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