Wednesday Reads on a Thursday- whoops!

We have a slight confession- we may have been having so much fun yesterday that we forgot to post on the blog. I know, it’s bad form, but listen- yesterday we attended the Norfolk Children’s Book Festival at Norwich School where we saw (and met!) Simon Mayo, Cathy MacPhail, Paul Dowswell and Marcus Sedgwick, all of whom gave exciting and engaging talks about their books. Combine that with the wonderful weather and maybe you’ll understand why this entry might have momentarily slipped our minds.

We promise that we’ll try to not do it again and as an apology, here are our currently book choices which we hope were worth waiting for.

What we’re reading Wednesday! (Thursday edition).

Apryl: Finally we’re free of Carnegie! I’d been so preoccupied with reading the shortlisted titles for the last few months but last week I was finally able to finish some of the books that had been put to one side until I had some free time. I finally finished Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira (which I’d mentioned on the blog before) which I thought was incredibly moving, and in one sitting this weekend I started and finished the American YA classic Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block which garnered a cult following upon publication in 1989. Totally kooky, it made a nice contrast to everything I’d read for CKG!

Gail: I’ve just reread Shrunk! by FR Hitchcock for the Methwold Reading Group session. A fun adventure with magic/science fiction and facts about Space which the Y5 and 6 group enjoyed. Pupils then invented a sequel based on a meteorite’s special powers. Be careful what you wish for on a shooting star!

Harriet: Knightley and Son by Rohan Gavin. Our KS2 reading for pleasure group is currently reading this detective story.  I like the serious young hero, whose powers of deduction are little short of genius, and although I’ve not yet finished I’m sure he will solve the supernatural problems.  A sinister force has been set loose, and as his father, who officially works for Scotland Yard, has been struck mysteriously ill, it is down to young Darkus to defeat the evil forces affecting any who read a seemingly innocuous self-help book.  Quite light in tone, this is a good read.

Mandy: Lilliput by Sam Gayton- Gulliver’s Travels has always seemed a bit beyond me, but this twist on the story is very accessible. Lilly has been kidnapped from Lilliput by Gulliver as proof that such a place really does exist. Help captive and having to endure punishments like being kept in a flea ridden sock (eurgh) serve to strengthen her determination to escape. This is a great adventure with interesting characters and plot twists. Gayton makes pleanty of references to the original- which makes this a very readable follow-up. Try for Y5/6.

All of our past Wednesday read selections can be found here.


One thought on “Wednesday Reads on a Thursday- whoops!

  1. […] Norwich Children’s Book Festival (2nd July) (and not just because I closed it, which was an honour!) Thanks to all at Norwich School who arranged it and entertained us – Marcus Sedgwick, Paul Dowswell, Cathy Macphail and Simon Mayo! What a treat! it was such a thrill to talk with students from 24 schools about how much they were enjoying the day too! See Apryl’s mention about the day here. […]

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