Wedding bells and happy hols

how to get married

We are all very excited in the SLS department this week, as our youngest colleague is getting married on Saturday!

We hope she has taken the serious (?) advice of Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap in ‘How to get Married by Me, the Bride’. For instance she mustn’t get married in the dark in case (gasp, horror!) she marries the wrong person.
We haven’t seen the wedding dress yet (of course), but we hope it’s something beautiful, such as, suggests ‘The Bride’:

A pure white dress like the moon
Some shining armour
A moustache
Some wings if you are a Fairy Bride

And on her head perhaps a:
Long veil
A crown
A wig
Some ears in case you’re marrying a rabbit

Maisie MaeAnd we just hope Apryl doesn’t have a bridesmaid called Maisie Mae? (‘Bad Luck Bridesmaid’ by Poppy Harper)

We hope all staff and pupils of Norfolk schools also have a wonderful (if maybe not necessarily as life changing!) holiday. We will be here ALL the time, so do get in touch or, better still CALL IN some time. We are always looking for an excuse to put the kettle on! Just give us a ring first.

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