KS2 Fiction Discussion- Summer Term

Last week our Reading for Pleasure group met for their termly meeting at which they discussed the six titles selected by one of our SLS Librarians, Harriet. She shares their thoughts below and if you have any additional thoughts  to add, why not leave us a comment?

KS2 summer

Archie’s War by Marcia Williams

This was enjoyed by a lot of children, though a few found it ‘disorganised’ and a bit difficult to follow.  Good to dip into, great for WW1 research and putting history in context.  One school used it for paired reading.

Wizz Bang Wizard: Bubble Trouble by Scoular Anderson

Series for younger children, and enjoyed by them.  One boy said it was ‘the best story ever!’  The idea of the bubbles appealed.  Inventive, fun but warm stories are greatly needed at this simpler level.

The Vanishing of Billy Buckle by Sally Gardner

Terrific fun; inventive – mad even!  Good springboard to next level of reading for some children.  Enjoyed by all, whichever title had been read.  The illustrations by David Roberts are as deliciously silly as the stories.

The Last Wild by Piers Torday

Really enjoyed, by both adults and children.  Changes quite radically part way through, from a rather bleak dystopian scenario to a warmer quest with the talking animals and the two strong lead characters.  First of a series.

Being Ben by Jacqueline Roy

Too ‘babyish’ for even lower KS2 – would suit reading aloud to KS1 better.  3 stories in one book, but each too long for solo reading.

 Knightley & Son by Gavin Rohan

An enjoyable start to a new detective series.  This was enjoyed by both adults and pupils.  Sophisticated young detective, but who despite his cleverness still wants a loving dad; the relationships worked well.  Clever and different.


Feedback from our previous meetings can be found here.


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