Books for our shelves and others…

Excuse the punning- today we’re sharing the second in our shelfie series (did you see the first?) and below is the book shelf of one of our SLS Librarians, Harriet. She writes:

Like all the bookshelves in our house it is a totally random mix of old (very old: for instance my mother’s Blackie Annual from the 1920s.  It’s lost its spine binding and I delighted in ripping it up as a toddler, which necessitated lots of bits of now brown and shrunken Sellotape.  But three generations have loved the stories and I would never throw it away) – and new, as some members of the household still buy ‘real’ books.   There are adult novels here, science books, biographies, and a lot of my own childhood books which again I love and can’t bear to get rid of – ever.  This passion for hanging on to childhood favourites has passed down to my daughters, so the house is full of children’s books.  I hope we never have to move house…

Harriet Shelfie



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