Who’s left in the office this wednesday?

There aren’t many of us in the office at the moment, so this fortnight’s reading update is thinner than usual – the others are on the beach catching up with some good books – watch this space!  However, a couple of us are here, so- What we’re reading (this) wednesday:

Kirsten: Phoenix by S.F. Said- Beautifully illustrated (by Dave McKean).  Imaginative Sci-fi tale that weaves strong messages about friendship, integrity, loyalty, love and courage.  Absorbing and uplifting!

Harriet:  go to sleepThe evenings are still light, it’s the holidays and you are wanting a night out – but how will the babysitter cope?  The one in this book has the answer to any troublesome children resisting going to sleep.  It is great fun and has an hilarious twist at the end.

Steve Cole and Bruce Ingman- Go To Sleep Or I Let Loose the Leopard  

I’ve also just finished my first Jonathan Stroud (yes, high time…), and would strongly recommend The Screaming Staircase to year 7s and above.  It’s  packed full of ghosts, as the whole country has become ‘infested’ with them, and because young people are the most aware of their presence, it is often young people who have to deal with and destroy them – or be destroyed themselves in the process.  So this is a very tense and exciting read, but with funny and even farcical moments as well to lighten the mood.  Lockwood & Co. are the young investigators who will no doubt feature in a further ghostly adventure.

Mandy: Wreckers by Julie Hearn.  Not finished yet, but it is an interesting mix of Cornish mystery with Greek and Roman mythology.

For past editions of what we’re reading wednesday, click here.


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