Let’s all read ALOUD!

Summer holidays allow for lovely leisure time to listen to the radio, and this morning’s Fry’s English Delight caught my ear, as the theme was Reading Aloud.   If you didn’t hear it, do listen on BBC iplayer as it was fascinating, nostalgic (though most of us are probably a bit too old to remember Listen With Mother?) and instructive.  The programme featured The Reader Organisation, a charity based in Liverpool which encourages groups of people, including looked after children, to read aloud together, which they have found has benefits one might not expect, of encouraging self esteem, confidence and well-being.

A special anthology has been edited by Angela Macmillan called ‘A Little, Aloud For Children’ which is a collection of timed fiction and poetry.  See http://www.thereader.org.uk

And of course essential listening on a long car journey is Martin Jarvis, master of voices, reading Just William – hilarious.

a little aloud

just william


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