Book Trolley Birthday!

Last year, on 20th August, a wonderful thing happened…our blog was born! They say that time flies when you’re having fun and it’s definitely true- we didn’t realise that a whole year had passed (which is why we’re celebrating this momentous occasion 1 year and 1 month later…)

august 2013

In the last year we have shared with you 74 individual blog posts (this is the 75th!) and we’ve had 1,948 views- perhaps not much to some, but we are SO pleased! It’s lovely to know that out there across the world wide web people are interested in what our team here in Norfolk have to say- from news to reviews, to our thoughts on book awards and other literary events. We’ve also had real success with our sister blog used by one of our school clusters; the Methwold Reading Group have been sharing their work and have really enjoyed the interaction with Authors that the blog has allowed:


Looking ahead to the next 12 months and we have new exciting things planned- in a few weeks time we’re hosting a workshop specifically about blogging in which we hope to use everything we’ve learnt to show schools how great blogging is and how valuable it can be when used in a school setting. There might still be places, so if you’re interested then get in touch!

In the mean time, we’d like to thank every single person who has read what we have to say, anyone who has followed, commented, linked or tweeted about our posts. You are brilliant and we hope you’ll stick around for another year. Also important- we’ve given the blog a little tiny makeover in the last few weeks…had you noticed that the photo at the top of the page had changed? If the answer is no, then definitely take a peek!

Other things we’d like to draw your attention to while we’re in the celebratory mood: the latest editions of our newsletters are now available online (Bookbites here and HighLights here) and you can also find the current list of INSET courses we’re offering for the Autumn term- there’s lots to choose from so why not take a look and book a place?

Here’s to 12 more months, maybe another 70+ posts, and lots of other adventures in between!


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