Loddon Junior’s Lovely Library!

We love the idea behind Loddon Junior School’s annual makeover of their school library, which involves the whole school and creates a real buzz and air of excitement. 

The school holds a competition for the best design for the year, and then everyone contributes something.  Last year’s theme of Harry Potter was chosen by Year 6 and the library turned into Hogwarts for the year, along with various characters from the books.  While I was working there this all came down (so not much was left for the photo I’m afraid!) HP at Loddon Junior

Meanwhile, the whole school was busily creating new material of all kinds and covering many aspects of the curriculum, for a big Launch Day in mid October. 

Loddon Junior library makeover

Wonka at Loddon Junior

This simple but whole school approach really encourages ownership of and excitement around the library, and that in turn will help turn the school community into enthusiastic and happy readers – well done Loddon Junior!

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