Kids Lit Quiz 2014- Norfolk Heat

Last week, on a very chilly Thursday afternoon , students from schools across Norfolk (and a visiting school from Lincolnshire!) gathered in City Academy’s fantastic atrium in Norwich for the Norfolk heat of the 2014 Kids’ Lit Quiz.

This year we had 29 teams representing 17 schools, and it was evident that they had all been training hard; once again, we were overwhelmed by just how much the students competing knew about a wide range of literature. There was a great atmosphere and as always, it was a pleasure to talk to so many young people who had a clear passion and enthusiasm for reading.


Visiting Quizmaster Wayne Mills delivered over 100 questions across 10 rounds, as well as spot prizes and a few tie-breakers (including one for a coveted 3rd place!) but by 5.30pm we knew who the winners were; Litcham School, whose Team A scored an amazing 87 points- a significant lead over any other team! They were awarded the prize cup and a book prize of £80 by renowned author and current President of the SLA, Kevin Crossley-Holland, who was also part of the afternoon’s marking committee.


Litcham winners looking very happy!

A team from last year’s victors, Thetford Grammar, came 2nd with 75 points and Old Buckenham High claimed 3rd place with 73(.5) points. A big congratulations to Thorpe St Andrew High who narrowly missed out on making the top 3 after a half-point tie-break question was used to determine their final ranking.

As you can see, the scores this year were incredibly close- often a just few points separating teams. As ever, Wayne was very impressed with the results, especially Litcham School’s winning 12 point lead. Below is the final top ten:

Position School Total Score
1st Litcham School Team A 87
2nd Thetford Grammar Team A 75
3rd Old Buckenham High 73.5
4th Thorpe St Andrew Team B 73
5th Thorpe St Andrew Team A 72.5
6th Thetford Grammar Team B 72
7th Hethersett Academy Team B 70
8th Hethersett Academy Team A 69
9th Taverham High 68
10th Wymondham College 67

We were joined once again by an Author & Librarian team in which Alexander Gordon Smith- author of the horror series’ Escape From Furnace and Fury– participated, alongside two high school Librarians and one of our Norfolk Community Librarians. Their team gained 87.5 points- just a half-point difference from the student winners- and we’d like to thank him not only for taking part in the afternoon’s festivities by asking several of the spot-prizes questions, but for meeting all of the students and signing so many of their books. We also have it on good authority that he was just as excited as the students to meet Kevin Crossley-Holland!

We’d like to congratulate Litcham School for their triumphant win and will be looking forward to seeing how they fare at the National Final next week- we’ll  definitely be reporting back on how they do! A huge well done also to Thetford Grammar and Old Buckenham High, and to each of the students who participated. Once again, it was a real pleasure to meet and chat to so many of you and absolutely loved just how enthusiastic you all were- it was contagious! If you took part or came along for the afternoon, we really hope you enjoyed the day as much as we all did and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Wayne has been hot-footing around the UK since he arrived from New Zealand a few weeks ago and has several heats to go before the national final in Wimbledon next month. He has been writing a recap of each quiz on the official kids lit quiz blog which you can find here. We also live tweeted the afternoon on our official SLS twitter account, so why not have a look through our time line for photos and comments from the afternoon.


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