Our Festive Countdown 2014

Here in the SLS office we love a good list and in view of impending festive celebrations (20 days!), we decided to follow last year’s Advent Book Wreath with another weekly countdown- only this time, we’ll be sharing FOUR books each time instead of one. Some of the titles are new, some are old, some may even be contenders for our best books of 2014 but either way, we just want to share them with you!

Below are the first books to appear in our Advent Book Doors- this year we’ve decided to choose a Non-Fiction title, a picture book, a Novel, and a Teen title, and we’ll have three more posts of this kind over the next three weeks! 

Advent 2014 Week 1

Non-fiction: How Big Is 43 Quintillion? By Lynn Huggins-Cooper.

This bright and jolly book celebrates numbers, and tells us some awe-inspiring facts and figures which really help make Maths alive and exciting. It will be a useful addition (ha!) to next year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme (yes, I know that feels a long way away!) of record breakers.

Picture book: This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne

A hilarious twist on expectations, the reader does indeed see the book ‘eat’ a little girl’s dog – and then some! With simple illustrations and a text which begs to be read aloud this is a fun book to share with one small person to a hundred.

Novel: Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpurgo

Yet another First World War novel, this is nevertheless a lovely addition to the genre. Although rather long and needing a good edit, it is full of Morpurgo’s characteristic interwoven themes and warm rounded characters – foe as well as friend. The reader learns little known facts about the war effortlessly, while feeling fully part of the characters’ world.

Teen: The Disreputable History of Franklie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Lockhart’s We Were Liars was one of the most interesting teen novels we came across this year and following its success, Hot Key Books have republished this, one of the author’s older novels from 2009. Set in a boarding school, we meet 15-year-old Frankie who decides she’s had enough of one of the institution’s historic all-male societies. As quick paced and intriguing as We Were Liars, this book is likely to be loved by any keen YA fan.


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