Festive Countdown: Week 2!


Baffling but true fact of the day: there are only 13 days until Christmas..! As we creep ever closer to the end of term, we’re up to our eyes in project box assembling but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for other frivolities- below you can see the second week of book selections as we reveal what’s inside our Advent Book Doors…

Advent Week 2

Non-fiction: DK Eye Wonder- Dinosaurs

OK so they’re not new, but to a new generation of children the DK Eyewonder and Pocket Eyewitness series are fabulous value: hardbacks at only £4.99.  Unbeatable.  Usborne have led the way with cheap excellent value non-fiction hardbacks (love their ribbon bookmarks too!) and DK are following suit, with their trademark excellent quality photography.  We recently bought some of the reprint editions for our school mobile library on popular topics like dinosaurs, reptiles and horses and they’re flying off the shelves –  what’s not to love??

Picture book: Vanilla Ice Cream by Bob Graham

Graham does it again! This is a beautiful story, told more in pictures than words, about the wonder of how we are all connected.  It moves from India to Australia in the company of one small sparrow, and turns tiny seemingly non-events into something momentous and awe-inspiring.

Novel: Dog In No-Man’s-Land by Damian Kelleher and illlustrated by Gary Blythe        

There is a plethora of stories around at the moment about animals involved in war, but this one is particularly unusual in its approach.  It is partly epistolary, and the letters come in actual small envelopes attached onto the page.  Full of atmospheric drawings by Blythe, it is quite a short read, and is quite as moving as one could expect from the theme.

Teen: Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman

This is a dystopian novel for teens, in which a young man’s trust and belief in the goodness of his world gradually crumbles and more and more adults reveal their treachery and corruption.  Enjoyable, with echoes of other novels, including 1984, but with a more upbeat ending.

You can see the first week of our countdown here.


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