National Libraries Day 2015; SLS Shelfies!

As a School Library Service, we obviously understand the importance of libraries – after all, we are one really! We loan our books to schools across Norfolk and know first hand just how well these are received by the children who use them; all the smiling faces we encounter on our Mobile Library visits are testament to that!

Tomorrow is National Libraries Day, a nationwide event celebrating libraries and those staff that work within them. Any kind of library is cause for celebration in our eyes, whether it’s your local public library, the library at your school or university, or even a workplace library!

Our office is full of book-lovers and one of the proposed ways to get involved with this year’s celebrations is to share a library shelfie. We know all about shelfies – we’ve blogged about them before, sharing the bookshelves belonging to members of our team – but we love any excuse to post pictures of our own shelves…..!

Kirsten’s shelf

Kirsten Shelf

Caroline’s shelf


Georgie’s shelves

Georgie Shelf 1

Georgie Shelf 2

Zoe’s shelf

Zoe Shelf

Mandy’s shelf

Mandy Shelf

Tony’s shelves

Tony 1TOny 2

Apryl’s shelf

Book Shelf

Harriet’s shelf

Harriet Shelfie

Gail’s shelf

gail Shelfie

(some of these were originally posted with much longer explanations, all of which you can see here).

There are lots of resources available on the official National Libraries Day website, as well as a long list of the ways in which you can get inolved. We would also really recommend searching twitter for the hashtag #NLD15 to see what other people have been sharing.

We love libraries and hope you do too- be sure to visit one tomorrow if you can!



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