KS2 Fiction Discussion- Autumn Term

This post comes a little late, but we’ll blame our pre & post-christmas busyness for the delay! As well as our group based in Fakenham, the autumn term saw the introduction of a new Reading for Pleasure group based in Norwich, which we were very excited about.

Led by one of our Librarians, Harriet, our inaugural meeting of the Norwich KS2 Reading 4 Pleasure Group (adults) was held at West Earlham Junior School, and was very entertaining and enjoyable- thanks to our hosts and all the participants for an excellent afternoon.  As well as the titles below, we had general book chat and discussed how schools share the books; for example, West Earlham tantalised with reading a chapter aloud then loaning out the books; while Valley kept the books in the classroom and children could borrow.

Norwich FDG

Tall Tales from Pitch End by Nigel McDowell

  • Very much top end of KS2, probably better for KS3
  • Quite hard going with long and complicated plot
  • Lots of interesting ideas but maybe wouldn’t be understood by children
  • Too dark

Fright Forest (Elf Girl and Raven Boy series) by Marcus Sedgwick

  • Children are really enjoying it
  • Good banter between the characters
  • Perfect for years 5 & 6 – more please!

Poems to Perform edited by Julia Donaldson

  • Good mix of old and new
  • Good variety including some previously unknown
  • Nice hints on how to be performed and website to support (useful resource!)
  • Cover a bit old fashioned and unappealing to children
  • Good for dipping into

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon by Jonny Duddle

  • Very popular!
  • Useful that it is part of a series
  • Good for the whole of KS2
  • Short chapters and good illustrations
  • Good for reading aloud the pirate voices!
  • Informative glossary
  • Kenzie thought: “it was interesting and funny at the beginning.  It was funny in the middle.  It was interesting and at the end it was exciting”

Boy in Tights by Kate Scott

  • Good for discussion about stereotyping – good for diversity
  • Very pacey and exciting
  • Boys really enjoyed it once they got past the dress!
  • Kenzie would recommend this because “it was a good story; it was funny and weird”

Our Fakenham Reading For Pleasure group also met last term and discussed the titles below.

Fakenham FDG

Weasels by Elys Dolan

  • Enjoyed by pupils, who loved the illustrations.
  • Read aloud well to a small class

Sally Frere-Smith from Great Massingham Primary provided us with a brilliant review produced by some of her pupils!

Weasels review

Monkey and Me by David Gilman (NB. this is currently on Carnegie longlist!)

  • Interesting concept and good for Year 6, maybe not Year 5.
  • Dylan said: “it was funny because I liked the monkey.  He’s a cheeky one.”

The Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac

  • Intriguing
  • Can feel for both characters
  • Enjoyed it.

What Are We Fighting For? edited by Brian Moses and Roger Stevens

  • Poems about war
  • Good collection
  • Empathy
  • Good to support scheme of work for KS2

SuperCat vs the Chip Thief by Jeanne Willis

  • Charlotte: “It was awesome”
  • Tegan: “It was a bit boring”
  • Better for younger KS2 and less able readers
  • Painful jokes

Previous fiction discussion entries cane be found here.

3 thoughts on “KS2 Fiction Discussion- Autumn Term

  1. Thanks for the write-up, particularly as it helped me remember the title of a book that I was struggling to think of. We really enjoyed hosting the group and found the discussions about the books really helpful. Looking forward to the next one in March.

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