KS2 Fiction Discussion- Spring Term

Our KS2 Reading for Pleasure group chaired by two of our SLS Librarians (Harriet and Mandy) had their termly meeting in Fakenham last week, and the group’s thoughts on the books  selected for them to read can be found below! Have you read any? Let us know what you think!

Fakenham March

The Boy who Climbed into the Moon by David Almond

The story was enjoyed by both more and less able readers. Very sophisticated in some ways and the group discussed how having a different illustrator would have changed the book as it does look very young!

The Sleeping Army by Francesca Simon

Set in a Museum, the book was widely enjoyed by the group and pupils who liked the characters and found that the cover persuaded boys to read it. It’s also fabulous inspiration for looking at Norse stories (it uses Norse Mythology!)

The Wrong Side of the Galaxy by Jamie Thompson

Considered to be a very ‘boy’ read by was enjoyed by all- one school said even a dyslexic reader became engrossed in it. A space fantasy which lands on a cliff-hanger ending set up perfectly for  a sequel.

The Great Escape by Natalie Haynes

The book was enjoyable and not too complex, good for more able year 6s, though perhaps the cover is aimed at younger readers. The theme itself is quite serious and overall the plot had a few ends that needed tying up.

Blackberry Blue and other Fairy Tales by Jamila Gavin

For older, good readers- perhaps even those in High school. The stories are World influenced; the fairy stories side of the book put many children off, though those who read it enjoyed it very much. Reads aloud very well too.

Foxy Tales by Caryl Hart

Considered to be better for younger children as well as less able, dyslexic readers. One school noted that it had been used as a “first whole book” reader for one child- what a great achievement!

The Fakenham group will be meeting again in the summer term. Feedback from some of our previous meetings can be found here.


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