Friday Reads Returns!

Our Friday Reads feature is back for the summer (and beyond)- and today we’ve got not one, not two or three, but FOUR mini-reviews from members of our team. We’re always interested to hear what everyone else is reading, so if you’ve encountered any great books lately, let us know via the comments!

Gail: Jessica’s Ghost by Andrew Norriss

Jessica's GhostAuthor Helen Dennis was visiting schools in Norfolk recently and while we were chatting she recommended Jessica’s Ghost. I found the story on SLS’s ebook platform and whipped through it really quickly! The story is a completely new departure for author Andrew Norriss. It concerns bullying, depression and friendship and is more suitable for KS3 than his other KS2 fantasies. Jessica is a ghost who befriends three teenagers who don’t find it easy to fit in. They have great fun together (I loved the way Jessica could just ‘think’ her way into any outfit she fancied!) but, as the story develops, we discover the sad truth about Jessica’s death. The novel is ultimately hopeful and would open up many avenues for discussion about the mental health of teens today.

(David Fickling Books, £10.99 hardback, ISBN 9781910200339)

Harriet: My Life As a Goldfish by Rachel Rooney

My Life as a GoldfishA collection of short poems, many of them amusing and appealing for KS2 age children.  They are tiny portraits, captured moments, snapshots of a child’s life and viewpoints. For instance:

Property For Sale

Two houses up for sale.

One stick, one straw.

Both self-assembly.

See pig next door.

(Frances Lincoln, £6.99, ISBN 9781847804822)

 Mandy: In Bloom by Matthew Crow

In BloomIf you thought “The Fault In Our Stars” was good, you really should read this!

Although it is a very moving love story of two young people with cancer, it is also one  of the funniest and most life- affirming books I have read for a long time. Laugh out loud funny in places and also desperately sad, it portrays these teens and their families with honesty and affection; and without being maudlin or overzealous with the medical element! Francis’ internal struggles and anxieties have an Adrian Mole feel and a veracity about them. Give it a go!

(Constable, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781472105523)

Zoë: Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

Ark AngelAnother thrilling instalment in the Alex Rider series, Ark Angel doesn’t disappoint as it is action-packed with adventure, daring pursuits, deadly eco-terrorists and even more gadgets.

I am really enjoying the series as it is relatively easy to read yet full of interest with Alex’s many adventures as a young spy. In this book, Alex is recovering from injuries incurred in the previous story. Nevertheless, his curiosity gets the better of him when he overhears a conversation during the night as he visits the toilet in hospital….

(Walker Books, £7.99 paperback, ISBN 9781406360240)

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