Summer Reading Challenging, ImagiNation, and some Friday Reads!

The first week of summer holidays is over and we’re still preoccupied with projects- at least it’s keeping us from dwelling upon this sudden run of bad weather…!

The Reading Agency‘s Record Breakers-themed Summer Reading Challenge is now underway and we hope you’re all encouraging young people to read lots of books and collect stickers already. If you’re in Norfolk, why not visit your local library to sign up- details of locations and opening times can be found here, and why not keep an eye on the events listings here as lots of locations will be holding events over the summer. Similarly, be sure to check out the official Norfolk Libraries twitter page, @NorfolkLibs as well as their Facebook page for additional information.

For 11-18 year olds, the ImagiNation project has returned for a second year, and young people are encouraged to read and creatively respond to books in any way, shape, or form. The work produced then has the opportunity to be shared on the project’s official blog– take a look here to see what other young people have submitted already this year. You can also sign up to this in libraries, so make sure you pop along to pick up your ImagiNation pack, especially if you want to keep busy over the summer!

Phew! Shall we have some Friday Reads? We promise the similarities in their covers is completely unintentional…

Georgie: Hate by Alan Gibbons

HateA powerful and poignant tale that opened my eyes to the terrible discrimination young people faced on a daily basis. After Rosie’s sister Sophie was brutally murdered her family fell to pieces. Rosie’s mother was fighting for justice and her father was just trying to get through the day. Rosie’s life is thrown into further turmoil when one of the witnesses to Sophie’s murder joined her school. This novel is a raw and powerful depiction of the senselessness of Hate Crime.

This book is based on the true story of Sophie Lancaster, a teenage girl who was kicked to death in a park just because she looked different. I really enjoyed this book and found the different perspectives and experiences very moving. A must read!

(Indigo Books, £7.99 paperback, ISBN 9781780621784)

ZoëItch by Simon Mayo

ItchI thoroughly enjoyed the exploits of Itchingham ‘Itch’ Lofte along with his sister, Chloe, and cousin, Jack.

Itch’s hobby of collecting the elements from the periodic table causes all sorts of unexpected and awkward predicaments, especially the final rock he acquires from his supplier, ‘Cake’…

This book is a great read whether you are interested in the science behind the story or not, as it is fast-paced with plenty of action, twists and turns.

(Corgi Books, £6.99, ISBN 9780552565509)

Mandy:  Now You See Me… by Emma Haughton 

Now you see me

This teen book is a real page turning thriller. It has pace and suspension right to the last page. Hannah’s best friend Danny disappears without trace. As everyone hangs on to the hope he is still alive, miraculously he reappears three years later, but Hannah has to uncover the truth.

(£6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781409563693)

(Our previous Friday Reads can be found here)

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