Reading Group Recap and (Friday) Reads!

A few weeks into the summer holidays and we’ve finally unpacked all of the project boxes returned by schools at the end of last term- yippee!

In this quiet period when schools aren’t calling or emailing us (because they’re on their hols!), we’ve had the time to look back at the last academic year- in particular, the work produced by pupils attending our two Methwold Cluster Reading Groups, who meet termly to discuss books selected for them by one of our SLS Librarians. The group has their own blog and we’ve updated it this week with a recap of the Summer term’s meetings- pupils produced lots of reviews and responses to the books they read, so why not take a look here to see what they thought?

Meanwhile- here are this week’s Friday Reads!

Georgie: EDGE – I HERO Immortals: Wizard by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

iHeroThis Hi-Lo book is a choose-your-own destiny tale set deep in the Nine Kingdoms. King Oswald and Queen Lana wake to discover their son, Price Bron, has been abducted. They ask you, the reader,  to undertake the perilous quest into the mountains to rescue him, and you really can decide!

If you read this on our eBook Lending platform ( then it works interactively and you can press to skip to the next page! What’s more, this book cleverly encourages deep critical thinking and the options require careful consideration. I would recommend this book for struggling readers who enjoy life in the digital world. Definitely one for engaging KS2 boys who would rather be gaming than reading.

(Hachette Children’s Group\Franklin Watt, eBook, ISBN 9781445139623)

Harriet: Joe All Alone by Joanna Nadin

joe all aloneA younger teen novel with an appealing hero.  Joe’s mum and her boyfriend leave him for a week while they go abroad on holiday, with strict instructions not to tell anyone he has been left alone.  Joe’s narration is in diary form, and we feel his moods as he becomes more and more anxious and lonely.  Apart from his weak absent mum and abusive partner, there are warm characters in this book, and plenty of humour and adolescent ardour.  However, the resolution is inevitably somewhat sad, as Joe has to go into foster care, but the end is optimistic as he still sees his mum, and the – now former – boyfriend is in prison.

(Little Brown Books, £5.99 paperback, ISBN 9780349124551)

Mandy: Not As We Know It by Tom Avery

not as we know itThis engaging story is about twins living on the island of Portland on the south coast. It is a real celebration of family life through the illness and death of a child. Kate Grove’s charming illustrations enhance the text which tells the story of brothers Jamie and Ned, both home educated due to Ned’s terminal condition – Cystic Fibrosis. Regular beach combing is part of their lives and when they find a strange creature they conclude, with help from sailor Grandad’s stories, that it is a merman. Keeping the creature hidden, Ned develops a real bond with ‘Len’, named after their Star Trek hero. As his condition worsens and Jamie feels excluded from the family there are some real adventures as they all try to keep Ned safe. Beware- the ultimate end is slightly disturbing (and a real tear jerker) to an adult reader but is well written and would read in a positive way to most children.  Great for Y5, 6 & 7

(Anderson Press, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781783442263)

Zoë: The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

london eyeThis is a thoroughly enjoyable read with interesting characters and an intriguing puzzle to solve. Ted, the main character, has an unexplained syndrome which causes him to think outside the box and conjour up a huge list of theories to solve the mystery, along with his older sister, Kat.

(Corgi Yearling, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9780552572316)

(Our previous Friday Reads can be found here)


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