Fakenham KS2 Fiction Discussion Group- Summer Term

As you may have seen, we recently blogged about our Norwich KS2 Reading 4 Pleasure group’s summer term meeting- and if you didn’t, you can read about it here!

Our group based in the west of the county also met last term and here is Harriet’s recap of the discussions had at that meeting…

“Our dedicated adult readers from schools around Fakenham got together for an end of term discussion about the 6 titles they had been sharing with pupils. After some general book chat – as far removed from a Guided Reading session as it is possible to be, hopefully –  we got down to serious business, and some of the comments from pupils and staff are below:

 Fakenham R4P

The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Fritz Wegner

First published in 1990 this is a version of the traditional German folk tales, told in Rosen’s pleasant, easy style, and with lovely detailed illustrations by Wegner, who died in March this year aged 90.

  • ‘This read aloud well’
  • Children ‘enjoyed the stories’

Boy in Tights by Kate Scott

Also enjoyed by our other Reading for Pleasure Group, this is the first in a series of spy stories, involving our hero having to disguise himself in more and more embarrassing garb. Girls may respond with heartfelt sympathy…

  • ‘Great for Year 4’
  • ‘I liked it because it is different’
  • ‘Popular’ and ‘appealing’

The Spy Who Loved School Dinners by Pamela Butchart

Winner of the Blue Peter Funny Prize 2015 this is indeed light and fairly silly. One of the main characters is so wimpy it seems unlikely she would be in a mainstream school let alone in a gang. However it looks attractive with varied size of fonts and cartoony illustrations.

  • ‘Enjoyed’
  • ‘Would like to read more in the series’

Welcome to Silver Street Farm by Nicola Davies

First of a pleasant series about a group of young friends setting up a city farm, and the tribulations they undergo to rescue some animals. The characters are sweet, and nothing too awful happens, and it would be a good series for younger KS2 children to enjoy.

  • ‘Good fun easy read’
  • ‘Really enjoyed, exciting and about animals’
  • ‘A dyslexic boy in my class really enjoyed this’

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon by Johnny Duddle

Great series of adventures for emerging readers, with excitement, fun and plenty of illustrations from this accomplished illustrator-author.

  • ‘Good step up from Duddle’s Pirates picture books, and Aardman’s animation film The Pirates for which he did illustrations’
  • ‘Good length for this age group’

Beware of Teachers by Tony Blundell

Peters Bookselling Services describe this as an excellent example of the ‘thwarted wolf genre’, and indeed along with a companion title ‘Beware of Girls’ it is a humorous story about a hungry wolf trying various wily tricks so that he can eat the pupils.

  • ‘A good read aloud’
  • ‘Children loved it and enjoyed the pictures’
  • ‘We used it in literacy for recipe writing: Girl Pie and Boy Pie!’

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