How to Train Your Dragon…in Norwich!

This week began with great excitement- Cressida Cowell came to visit Norwich! The author of the popular How to Train Your Dragon series was in our city to promote her newest book, ‘How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury’ and spoke to a full audience at the Open venue in the city on Monday night. It was lovely to meet Cressida, who took the time to speak to all of her keen fans who queued up to have their books signed after the event. We re-tweeted some photos from the evening over on our twitter page, so be sure to take a look. We hope she enjoyed her trip to Norwich- we’re big fans of dragons here, so I’m sure she felt right at home!

Now- some Friday Reads!

Gail: Mel Foster and the Demon Butler by Julia Golding

Mel Foster

Julia Golding’s new novel is an enjoyable gothic fantasy set in the Victorian period with reference to real historical and literary characters ( but with lots of artistic licence!)

There are weird and wonderful monsters, lots of action and rich imagery. Would suit good readers at top end of KS2/lower KS3.

(Egmont, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781405277341)

Harriet: Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

Fire Colour One

A young arsonist meets her estranged father who is dying of cancer.  The author tries to look behind the reasons someone lights fires, and with flashbacks tells the poignant, tragic story of a dysfunctional family.  With a shocking discovery at the end,  no easy answers are offered, but young Iris’s mother is certainly punished.  She and her partner struck me as rather caricature characters with few if any redeeming features, but this is nevertheless a cracking good read.

(Harper Colins, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9780007512362)

Zoë: The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine

ClockworkThis is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery set in a department, not unlike Selfridges and others in London, during Edwardian times.

Our heroine, Miss Sophie Taylor, is a determined young lady who finds herself in unfortunate circumstances yet does not allow herself to dwell on her misfortune. Instead she attains employment at the soon-to-open Sinclair’s Department Store, in the Millinery Department, where she stumbles right into a criminal plot. Over its several floors, Sinclair’s is bursting with a myriad of luxuries. It sounds a most marvellous place!

With the help of her new friends, Miss Lilian Rose (one of the Captain’s Girls and aspiring actress) and Billy Parker (apprentice porter), secret messages are decoded, a terrified lad is befriended, priceless jewels are recovered and the identity of The Baron is…, well, you’ll have to read the book to find out about him!

(Egmont, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 971405276177)

You can read our previous friday read recommendations here.


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