Friday Reads- now with links to your local library catalogue!

It’s OCTOBER! How did that happen? Three weeks until half term and then…no, we won’t discuss Christmas just yet!

This week’s Friday Reads post is special for two reasons:

  1. There are double the usual suggestions (we didn’t post last week, so we’re in catch-up mode) and,
  2. Some of the books we recommend are now linked to the Norfolk Library and Information Service catalogue! This is particularly exciting because it means that if you see anything you like and there’s a link accompanying it, you can check whether your local branch has a copy for you to borrow. If they don’t, you can place a reservation!

Harriet: Harriet

Probes to the Planets and Looking Beyond by Steve Parker

Two new and very attractive books about space by our favourite non-fiction writer, Steve Parker (If you are interested in a visit by Steve to your school get in touch with us!).  They touch on our current interest in Pluto, by looking at probes which are exploring space, and the origins of the universe itself.  They are full of clear explanations, up-to-date illustrations and photographs, and – a nice touch – quotes from scientists at the top of every double spread; for example, ‘The WMAP result confirms that our Cosmos is much, much stranger than we ever imagined’. from Science Magazine 2003, ‘Breakthrough of the Year’.

(Watts, £12.99 hardback, ISBN 9781445140476) & (Watts, £12.99, ISBN 9781445140483, find it here on the NLIS catalogue)

Tales of Mystery and Magic by Hugh Lupton

With lovely illustrations by Agnese Baruzzi, this is a typically high quality product from Barefoot Books, and comes with a CD of the great storyteller himself reading these world folk tales aloud.  I actually found the Scottish tale veeery scary – but perhaps that’s because I’m not so far off the age when the visitor might come calling on me! All the tales beg to be read aloud.

(Barefoot Books, £9.99 paperback, ISBN 9781782852544)

Mandy: mandy

Max the Champion by Sean Stockdale

This very inclusive picture book would be a great support for PSHE and sport and likeable Max just happens to have one or two health problems that don’t seem to get in his way!

(Frances Lincoln, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781847805195, find it on the NLIS catalogue here)

Lucky by David Mackintosh

This book is a great warning not to let your imagination run away with you when someone promises a surprise- and haven’t we all done it?! Two brothers speculate on everything from crinkly chips to a free holiday with hilarious results. Exaggeration has it’s pitfalls but all is well in the end. This would read aloud well and has plenty of possibilities for creative writing and discussion.

(Harper Collins, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9780007463046find it here on the NLIS catalogue)


Fair’s Fair by Leon Garfield

A heart-warming story about a homeless boy and his adventure with a black dog, ‘Fair’s fair’ is probably set in the Victorian period.

Jackson is freezing as he huddles on a doorstep, trying to shelter from the snow with a precious hot pie he has earned from some casual work. A huge black dog appears and, as Jackson’s motto is ‘Fair’s fair’, he shares the pie with the dog. This bargain leads to another and Jackson reaps an unexpected reward because he shared.

(Wayland, £5.99 paperback, ISBN 9780750256513)

Mr Crookodile by John Bush, illustrated by Korky Paul

Mrs Crocodile is fed up of living in a dark, dank river bank so she suggests that Mr Crocodile gets a job so they can move. Mr Crocodile comes up with lots of ideas but they are all rejected by his wife. Finally he comes up with a brilliant scheme but it doesn’t go according to plan…

This is funny story for developing readers with fabulous illustrations by Korky Paul.

(Egmont Books, £4.99 paperback, ISBN 9781405222297find it here on the NLIS catalogue)

Our previous Friday Read suggestions can be found here


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