Kids’ Lit Quiz 2015- the Norfolk heat!

On Thursday afternoon, our SLS team headed to The Thetford Academy for the 2015 Norfolk heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz. 26 teams from 14 schools joined us for the competition, a whirl-wind three hours in which even the most brilliant minds were tested with an array of book-based questions.

Every year were are impressed by how knowledgeable the competing students were, and Quizmaster Wayne Mills confirmed that in his experience of the UK heats so far this year, the calibre has been especially high.

Picture 042

(Wayne Mills giving the teams a pre-quiz pep talk!)

As always, there was a great atmosphere, the passion and enthusiasm for reading evident in the way the teams eagerly answered the 100 questions put to them by Wayne. The scores felt very close this year but by 6pm, we knew who’d triumphed- Team A from Litcham School who scored 89 points (a 9-point lead). This team included two of the returning champions, winners of last year’s Norfolk and UK finals and it was great to see their hard-work pay off for a second year running; we’d like to congratulate them once again on their success! The UK national final takes place in Oxford on December 4th and we look forward to seeing how they get on- we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Second place was awarded to Thorpe St Andrew’s B team who scored 80 points, and third place went to team A from Thetford Grammar who achieved 75.5 points.  The author and librarian team, comprising of authors Alexander Gordon Smith, Alex Scarrow and Helen Moss, with help from librarian Julie Glasel, racked up 87 points, proving they could hold their own against the room full of young people!


(Our author and librarian team hard at work: Alex, Julie, Helen and Gordon looking flummoxed!)

The final top 10 can be found below, but it’s worth noting that all of the schools did incredibly well- the amount of tied positions are testament to this! We’re proud of each and every one of you and we hope you continue with your voracious love of reading.

1 Litcham School A 89
2 Thorpe St Andrew B 80
3 Thetford Grammar A 75.5
4 Litcham School B 74
5 Jane Austen College 73
6 Long Stratton High A 72
7 Hethersett Academy A 71
8 Flegg High School B 69
8 Ormiston Venture B 69
9 Culford Prep School 68
9 Flegg High School A 68
9 Wymondham High B 68
10 Long Stratton High B 67
10 Wymondham High A 67

Picture 115

(The teams from Litcham School, with quiz-master Wayne)

We’d like to thank librarian Jackie Browne and the rest of the staff and pupils at The Thetford Academy for hosting the event- they were so hospitable, providing us with refreshments and helping to co-ordinate the afternoon with great precision!

Thanks also Alexander Gordon Smith, Alex Scarrow and Helen Moss for coming along and not only taking part, but meeting everyone and signing books- we understand how amazing it can be to meet authors and we were so pleased to see students chatting away to you all throughout the afternoon.  Please come back next year- but maybe you’d better start revising now!

Finally- and perhaps most importantly of all- we’d like to thank every school who attended;  it was a real pleasure to meet and chat to so many of you (new and returning schools alike!) and we loved how enthusiastic you all were about taking part; it was so wonderful to see! If you were on a participating team or just came along for the afternoon, we hope you enjoyed the day as much we all did and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We profiled the event on our Norfolk SLS twitter account which you can find here: or alternatively, you can see the storify we’ve  begun to collate here:; this will be updated continually over the next few days, so if you have any tweets to share, make sure you tag them with #NorfolkKLQ15!


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