Festive Countdown 2015

In 2013, when our blog was only a few months old, we began our tradition of counting down the days to Christmas in the form of a weekly advent; last year we shifted from an advent wreath to advent doors and guess what- they’re returning this year! As with 2014, we’ll be sharing four books each week before Christmas; some of our selections are new books, some are old favourites, some of them might be the best things we’ve read this year but most importantly of all, we just want to share them with you! We love buying books as presents for Christmas – and birthdays, and any other time in fact! Here are just four to start you off on a book-buying spree, and we will add more in the weeks to come.  And of course we have them in stock here at SLS, so look out for ever more lovely books in your next project boxes and mobile visits! Advent 2015 Week 1

  • Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know by Adam Bray et al

The title says it all. This is a weighty tome full of Star Wars facts, Top 5 lists, and illustrations from the films. Also on the cover is the legend: ‘Journey to Star Wars: the Force Awakens’, which suggests there may be more to come. (Dorling Kindersley, £17.99 hardback, ISBN 9780241183700)

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay

For every HP fan, this is a totally gorgeous gift version of the first novel. Jim Kay has absorbed himself in the book, (and how hard to ignore the films and go back to Rowling’s original descriptions!) and produced stunning coloured illustrations for every single page. The author herself approved, and I’m sure every HP reader from even the earliest generation will love this. (Bloomsbury, £30 hardback, ISBN 9781408845646)

  • The Curious Explorer’s Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A to Z by Marc Martin

This is a beautiful alphabet of animals portrayed in a stylised way. Each animal is given its Latin name, which is interesting. There is a double spread of further facts about the animals at the back. (Templar Publishing, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9781783701940)

  • National Theatre: All About Theatre by Martina McIntyre

At last, an up-to-date, exciting and really attractively designed book about all aspects of theatre! From the creation of the puppet horses for War Horse to the writing of play scripts, this will encourage and enthuse young people to get involved – you can almost smell the greasepaint! (Walker Books, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9781406358698) We hope this inspires you to pick these up for someone this Christmas and maybe have a read yourself; if you do, why not let us know via the comments?  


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